About Captendance

La rentrée… these two words have a very strong signification in France. Initially and following their literary sense, they would stand for the new start at school but their importance has become global: September, the month of the “rentrée”, is the most essential season in many fields: it is the time when one has to launch a new collection or a new product, whatever it is: fashion trends, openings of exciting places, restaurants, shops, exhibitions and fairs, to mention a few. It is also one of the greatest moments of inspiration… which brings us to our magazine, Captendance:

Launched in 2010, Captendance is an online media featuring articles in the fields of fashion, beauty, culture, cuisine, travel, sports and global lifestyle topics, with a strong focus on Toulouse, the city where the magazine is based. To provide our readers with the best news, interviews and articles, we do have a team of editors in Toulouse, Paris and on the French Riviera.

Thanks to the variety of addressed topics and our particular vision, over the last months, our audience has become international and some of our regular readers are now based all over Europe and the USA.

Considering this great success, we started working on the English version and are proud to announce our English speaking version on this 2014 “rentrée”.

All our English articles will be original texts and not translated from the French version, to capture the essence of the message that we want to express, in a realistic way. In the beginning, the selection of English articles might be slightly different and not necessarily cover the whole range of articles presented in French. However, we are doing our best to offer the most exciting information, tips and addresses as well as interviews with great personalities.

Additionally, and you are the first, privileged readers to be informed, Captendance will be organizing a great fashion event in Toulouse in October and we hope you will be part of it, to enjoy and celebrate this particular “rentrée”. Details are to be published soon online…

Let’s keep in touch!

Kind regards

Sebastien Develay, CEO

Jacqueline Sablayrolles, Fashion News Director