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A charming, savvy, hip guy from Toulouse in New York City !

For the perfect combination of French flair, with an edgy American twist, stylist Guillaume Massol can be found at Prive’ by Laurent D.

Past the quiet lobby, through the double glass doors, and up the short flight of stairs is the salon Prive’ by Laurent D.  This is where the stylist, Guillaume Massol can be found at work.  One is immediately charmed by his smile, and his hip fashion sense says here is a real New York City hair stylist, but when he speaks the music of a French accent is heard. 

Guillaume Massol was born in the beautiful city of Toulouse, in the south of France.  How could he be anything but a happy child – except, he insists, when he was in school.  At thirteen he packed his suitcase and announced to his parents that he was leaving home to “make his way in the world”.  His father immediately took him around to businesses to have him apply for a job, but he was told “too young”.  Lesson learned:  go back to school and wait until you have more life experiences.  Not too many years later, he applied to work and train at “Haute Coiffure” by the owners, Michel and Laurent.  They taught him everything, including how to believe in himself and reach for goals that will allow him to do amazing things.  When he completed his six years of certified training, “you can do the big thing” they told him, and sent him on his way.  In Paris, fashion weeks, model styling, advertising campaigns, elegant clientele all kept him busy for a while, but it was when he was on vacation in New York City that he truly found his next big thing.  He moved to the United States not quite fluent in English, but with a willingness to learn everything.  It is a puzzling concept that this man did not like school, because his passion for learning is remarkable.  Guillaume explains that he perfected his English by talking with his clients; he is not shy about asking for the right words. 

Working at Laurent D.,  Guillaume says to find your way you must build your team, one that works closely together to give the patron that exceptional experience.  Along with his New York customers, he has regulars from Texas, Nashville, Chicago, Miami, and the Dominican Republic as well as France.  His followers include several celebrities, but every person who meets with him is more polished because of his talents, and they can become celebrity.  When asked who is his dream styling makeover, living or not, he replies, “anyone who wants a beautiful hair experience”. Guillaume says he likes a challenge – when someone comes in with a disaster hair situation, it is a personal goal of his to have the client end the session with a smile on their face and possibly tears in the eyes.  “You’ve given me back my hair” is a favorite compliment, and that makes him happy.

To compare French women’s hair routine with American women, Guillaume says that everyone wants to have beautiful hair.  American women will spend quite a bit of time and money to have that perfect look for a special event.  French women will take care of their hair, but they have limits on how much time or money spent.  At work, he insists that one must “break the routine and you will never be bored”.  He enjoys the challenge of connecting Haute Coiffure with an edgy style.  His philosophy is that hair should complement a client’s personality and lifestyle in any country.

In the spring, his favorite season, he likes to go back to the nature of the woods to find his inspiration. With ten years of experience, Guillaume will never stop thinking about improvements.  His passion for his work shows that he is in this career for the love of the Haute Coiffure.

New York Guillaume Massol