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Alain Ducasse introduces “Dîners d’exception” at Château de Versailles

This summer, Tsar Peter the Great’s influence on France will be celebrated through exclusive events held at Château de Versailles. French celebrity Chef Ducasse welcomes guests to an extraordinary cultured experience through Russian gastronomy.

Embedded inside the Chateau de Versailles, one of the most iconic destinations in France, from June 17th to September 16th, 2017 Ducasse au Château de Versailles welcomes guests to a night of royal Russian dining and entertainment. Inspired by Tsar Peter the Great and his exhibition, the evening events include lion fireworks by Louis XIV and romantic walks along the Orangerie gardens.

Featuring executive Chef Stephane Duchiron, the palace will present authentic Russian meals for guests looking to find cultural enlightenment in gastronomy. Through Chef Duchiron's specially personalized dishes one will taste the rich history that Peter the Great had established after adopting French scientific instruments, politics and economics.

This opportunity allows guests to discover the real atmosphere behind all the tours and exhibits at Chateau de Versailles during the day. At Ducasse au Château de Versailles, one will feel wined and dined like the Monarchs who lived at the palace centuries ago. When under the twinkling chandeliers and overlooking the royal court, the ambience of dining at this legendary Château becomes surreal; the nightfall stars disappear and reappear again making an almost dreamy experience to behold.


The exclusive events are reservation only and will begin June 17th and conclude September 16th, 2017. Guests are first served with Chef Duchiron's 2-3 Russian recipe menu. But be prepared for the unexpected as festivities vary depending on the night. For instance, on some nights one can stroll on the cobbled stone floors of the palace while on other days they may enjoy firework performances. The combination of experiences enjoying Chef Duchiron’s gastronomy, being surrounded by imperial chateau architecture and enjoying the historical atmosphere of Versailles will make this truly an Exception Dinner.


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