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Bensimon honors a Disney love story through innovative tennis shoes

Based on characters created by Walt Disney, Bensimon combined design techniques with art of animation to create a whole new category for tennis shoes. The new collection is decorated with Mickey and Minnie!

Disney and the Bensimon concept store have merged an animation dream with new fashion trends. Serge Bensimon, famous for reinventing the traditional white tennis shoes, has made shoes based on the famous Mickey and Minnie love story. The limited edition will be released in July 2017 for the public to enjoy the collaboration of these two iconic brands.

Bensimon, founded by brothers Serge and Yves Bensimon, is famous for taking dull objects and adding a twist of creative color to it. The French brand is very well known at home and abroad. Walt Disney’s media kingdom cultivated stories, stressed the quality of family and friends and made strides in the entertainment industry that have changed world history. Their partnership has given birth to printed tennis shoes with vibrant colors, representing Disney history instilled with modernity.

Wherever these shoes go, Mickey and Minnie’s passion for travel and voyage follow. This is because they are a couple that prefers to undertake many adventures and likes to explore new places and see new things! Through Bensimon’s unique designs, Mickey and Minnie’s emblematic characteristics are classically portrayed. Minnie had a passion for fashion and Mickey had an enthusiasm for exciting activities, together they depict beautiful tennis shoes.

Comfortable and practical for sports, traveling and leisure walks, these tennis shoes are fun and entertaining, like Mickey and Minnie themselves. Both editions, one pink with white flowers, another purple with green graphics, can be worn with any sports outfit, jeans or casual summer dress! By combining history, love and art together, Disney and Bensimon have pioneered a new craze.

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