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Designer Rinat Brodach takes winter by storm

Trained in French couture, award winning designer Rinat Brodach shows thoughtful, sculptural designs at NYFW for FW2017.


Models walked the runway, as the first NYC winter snow storm of 2017 blustered outside, but no one in the audience could take their eyes away from the entrancing and avant guard styles created by designer Rinat Brodach. Both male and female models wore her structurally interesting pieces, made from tactile fabrics such as neoprene, wool, cotton and silk. Makeup on each model was minimal, with sleek hair and boots by Doc Martens, giving them an androgynous look that Brodach shared with us after the show, she was trying to achieve. Her pieces this season have a genderless quality, as well as timelessness, and the neutral colors she uses make each piece a potential classic.


Brodach explains that the one pattern included in her collection, the gray and black pieces, were inspired by her own mother’s journey with cancer, and how that experience brought the two of them closer together. Fashion comes from all aspects of life, good and bad. While a melancholy story, the result of their tale together has brought us a beautiful and thought provoking collection.


Born in Israel, Brodach studied fashion design in San Francisco and continued her training in Paris couture. Her experiences are evident in her designs, especially her cornerstone piece - the intricately constructed wool jacket, as featured in several of her looks this season. Like the iconic wrap dress, or the classic denim jacket, this piece is sure to become her very own signature soon to be known around the world. When worn, it certainly completes an eye catching and fashionable ensemble! Be on the lookout for this talented designer.

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