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Elegant luxury leather goods that epitomize the height of sophistication and beauty

Stylish Porosus handbags are just a part of the splendid Malaysian luxury label’s collection that was presented at Paris Fashion Week. True works of art, each piece is created for the elite client who is looking for something extra special.

Just imagine the setting : Paris at sunset, on the Seine, the Eiffel Tower is sparkling in the background. Models walk the runway to electronic dance tunes attired in black tuxedos, with sleek pony tails, sophisticated makeup, they are reminiscent of YSL’s “Le Smoking” collection. The only pop of color to be found on each woman, held in her elegant hands, was a piece of indulgence that has no equal : fabulous handbags created by the luxury goods company, Porosus.  Top handle handbags in bright pink, a briefcase in red and black, and an elegant clutch in classic black are all pieces from this year’s marvelous collection. Convertible panels include lovely tile work that represent traditional Malaysian patterns, and can reverse to a solid side for versatility. It is no wonder that these pieces were so outstanding since the Malaysian company Porosus is famous for creating beautiful pieces that finish any outfit perfectly. When carried, the effect automatically brings the wearer up to a level of Parisian chic that is unmatched. 


Porosus is a company that is recognized as a national treasure in Malaysia, famous for their ethical and sustainable production of crocodile goods. One of the largest crocodile farms in the country, the facility known as Langkawi Crocodile Farm is also a major tourist attraction where visitors come to see the beautiful creatures in their natural habitat, and to wonder at their majestic existence. Porosus takes their name from the breed, Crocodylus Porosus, the biggest of the crocodile species known for producing the best skin qualities when proper care is taken.  The farm is an attraction that has been around for years, and all measures have been put in place to ensure ethical treatment and proper handling of the animals. Langkawi Crocodile Farm includes an education center, conservation classes and a show about care and feeding of the magnificent creatures. The facilities house the largest collection of crocodiles and alligators together in the world, with over one-thousand animals. It surely is an impressive sight not to be missed.

Everything about the company, Porosus, is for the discerning clientele. The collection includes pieces that will appeal to socialites, high flying businessmen and women and anyone looking to elevate their sense of style with that one piece that will make them feel fabulous and chic. The quality of the bags is very high, and the fortunate owner, a connoisseur of all things beautiful, will surely be able to pass on their treasured piece from generation to generation. Exactly what one would do with a true masterpiece.

Porosus bag Paris