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Indress: collections that project an aura of stylish simplicity

French brand Indress has its own signature outlook on beauty. The garments are contemporary and chic with simple construction techniques that make each silhouette look dashingly modern.


Making their mark in French fashion, Indress is the fresh and sophisticated, yet edgy fashion label. With clean silhouettes and premium quality fabrics this label is on the rise to becoming essential in the fashion world. Their signature style involves wearing a unique flower accessory on the shoulder, head or neck. Shimmery fabrics, button down collars and shiny blazers also trademark this brand. Without a doubt, Indress garments bring a stylish contemporary look with a dash of edge.

Indress produces clothing, which exude boldness and confidence for the wearer’s personality and characteristics. She may be a simple and elegant woman, but also, very tough and strong at her core. Indress designer Wies Schulte herself envisions, sketches and brings to life each of the pieces with the help of her team. She has strong core values for nature, soul and individuality. Their Spring/Summer collection has prevalent color palettes of olive green and fall orange which represent the beauty of the season.


In the upcoming fall/winter collection, Indress will have unstructured jackets, longer coats and cotton sweaters to brace the chilly weather. Their signature articles are evident in the shimmery fabrics and unique flower assortments, always a part of each season. Their flower accessory can be worn as a headpiece, bracelet or neck scarf along with any Indress blazer, shirt or dress. Alternatively, their midi-dresses can be adorned with one of their abstract silk scarves as a headband or neck wrap to achieve a classy and urban chic look.


With a unique perspective in fashion design, Indress intersects the art, nature and fashion to create a vision that is a special kind of beauty in the mainstream fashion industry. Made for the woman who is looking for modern and fashionable outfits, the piece from each collection become a beautiful canvas to accessorize, and will take the wearer from day to evening with a simple change of accessories.