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Montagut and Elise Chalman create comfort dressing at its finest

With their alliance, the designer and the French brand have finalized a look for smart dressers. Consisting of dynamic patterns and national colors, this collection is making retro modern again.

The French brand Montagut and Elise Chalman have join forces to design a limited collection of knitwear that is light, airy and wearable. Bearing the print signature of Chalman, this alliance has made red, white and blue triangle patterned knitwear elegant with a hint of snugness.

The knit material is made from a foundation of silk and cashmere merged together. Perfectly complimenting one another, the cashmere fibers provide warmth whilst the silk provides sleek and shine. The fabrics are made so that each garment is form fitting, thus yielding the perfect fit for any silhouette. Super soft, fashionable and great for lounging, these knit sweaters, tank tops and shorts will give unparalleled comfort.


The collection includes smart but cozy ensembles that allow movement and comfort. Each outfit could pass for sleepwear as the fabrics are smooth and light enough to provide for snug comfort. They could also be quickly thrown on after yoga and Pilates classes. Finally, they are great for studying or working at home and drinking coffee or tea by the fireplace!

Although knitwear is typically for the winter season, the collaboration has created a collection that is wearable for all of the seasons and weather conditions. Each piece goes well with tennis shoes or sandals for that effortless chic look that women and men desire. For a more formal look, cocoon cardigans on top or white shirt underneath the crew neck sweater are also trendy additions. Montagut and Elise Chalman have truly produced garments that are simply refined and graceful to wear and fit in anywhere.


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