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Julien Fournié presents his haute couture show like a classic Hollywood movie

Returning to the foundations of couture, Julien Fournié’s fashion show presented a new-age women’s strength. Made from the finest fabrics, subtle color palettes and cinematic illusions, the collection was breathtakingly classic Hollywood chic.


For Julien Fournié, classic 1940’s movies can lead to a path of perfect silhouettes that have the ability to enhance and empower the femininity of a woman’s figure.

Before presenting his Fall/Winter 2017-18 fashion show, Julien Fournié revealed that he had created couture pieces that embody movie themes, plots and characters. Inspired by actresses such as John Crawford, Bette Davis and Veronica Lake along with movies showing a strong female lead such as Key Largo, Now Voyager and Sunset Boulevard, Julien Fournié’s new line was created to be worn on the red carpet by superstar celebrities with an attitude of the iconic movie stars.

Fournié’s couture show proved to the world that women could look sensual, whilst being powerful and daring. Even with their short, masculine haircuts like a modern Garconne, his models looked extremely feminine. He labeled them his “Queens of Power” symbolizing confidence and strength in our new world. He truly has made a collection that portrays women as a force to be reckoned with, each powerful piece presenting an undeniably formidable energy in the universe.


In order to achieve this feminist effect, Fournié creates dresses that enhance the natural figure of a woman’s body. Each silhouette exudes beauty and elegance while conveying a strong style identity. The designer has the unique ability to listen to the personal needs of his clients; his obvious attention to detail, construction and overall consideration for his customers are simply remarkable. This collection embodies the Fournié customer who wishes to be strong, seductive and formidable when wearing one of his pieces.


During the show, a color palette of black, nude and white gold was featured, to remind the viewer of the authentic splendor and charm of great movies from the 1940’s. The black and white surroundings created the perfect cinematic fantasy world, and the couturier’s models with their bold black eyeliner and eye shadow circling the entire eye created a frame for the mystery and intrigue involved with classic cinema. After witnessing his emblematic fashion show, one realizes that Julien Fournié, once again, understands the desires of contemporary women, who might be looking for a timeless elegance while strongly anchored in our modern world.


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