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L'Opéra Restaurant invites guests to a unique dining experience

Located in the heart of Paris, L'Opéra Restaurant offers a classical yet contemporary understanding of the food, culture and history within Palais Garnier. Chef Chihiro Yamazaki’s divine menu adds sophisticated flavors to the experience.

Embedded within the historical landmark Palais Garnier, the L'Opéra Restaurant has a contemporary design that ideally complements the overall architecture of the palace. The modern shapes that define this restaurant designed by Odile Decq fit elegantly in with the classical structures designed by Garnier. Chef Chihiro Yamazaki, trained by the famous Alain Ducasse himself, has created a dining menu full of quality, elegance and balance.

On the biggest terrace ever created in Paris, diners are accompanied with classical music during the day and lounge music at night. This year, their chic and stylish terrace has been invested into an even more exciting destination. From June 1st to October 1st, Opera Garnier has transformed and renamed their terrace into “Roseraie de L’Opéra,” a European fantasy bar and club for loungers and party-goers a like. The luxurious design being encased by thousands of sublime roses and its bursting aromas makes having a beverage at this spot all the more romantic and memorable.


Each of Chef Yamazaki’s dishes is created with precision to detail. With a keen focus on quality products and fresh ingredients, Yamazaki has created an all time favorite dessert called “L'Opéra” that is made from a delicious honey extracted from the beehives located on the rooftop of Palais Garnier. This dessert is considered a delicacy at the restaurant because the honey is reputed to be among the purest and finest found in the world. Yamazaki is the master of balancing a healthy diet and devising a creative menu due in part to his use of the thickest mushroom creams, crispiest hazelnuts and freshest vegetation in his various trademark dishes.

It is assured that tourists, local Parisians, theater fans and fashionistas become fully emerged in the aura of the French opera house while appreciating the décor of a period when reforms and modern dance were in the creation stages. Everything from the restaurant, Martini Bar and terrace is influenced by art and classicism but with a contemporary Parisian twist. The L'Opéra Restaurant allows guests to have a complete understanding of fine gastronomy, enjoy prestigious architecture and delve into a spectacular Parisian experience.


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